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How to Apply for staff! Empty How to Apply for staff!

Post  beansNcornflakes on Fri Apr 20, 2012 9:44 pm

So, you have decided to apply for a moderator position at Scarlet Village. While it is a worthy goal, you have to fulfill certain requirements in order for your application to be considered. In this article, I will outline these requirements, as well as general tips for applying.

Before you apply
First of all, you do not want to waste your and our time. Here's a checklist of things that should apply to you. The first three are more or less required, the lack of others can be tolerated, but the more you have, the higher are your chances to be accepted.
You have spent at least a 2 weeks on the server;
You have little, if any, bans on the record;
You are ready and trying to help other players;
You know how to deal with people, as you will be expected to help all players, even though they may annoy you;
You are mature and ready to take responsibility;
You had some experience with the moderator plugins we are using;
You have served as a staff member on another server;
You have skype.

When you apply
The Application
So, you think that you are ready to apply, and you think that you will make an excellent addition to the server staff. The only issue is that we probably don't know about any of your good sides yet, and it's your job to inform us. First of all, create a new thread with the following title:
<NAME>'s Moderator Application
Replace <NAME> with your in-game nickname.
Now, the body of the first topic should contain the following form, filled out with your information:

Experience on the server:
Experience with plugins:
World Edit:
World Guard:
Experience on other servers:
A little about yourself:
Short essay:

The form is mostly self-explanatory, but please note a few significant details:
Name: Your name.
Age: How old you are. Do not lie either.
IGN: This is your In-Game Nickname and consists of two parts - your rank and name. For instance, [Executive]peterthegamer
Providing wrong information on the Experience on the server is useless - we can look at the logs if we feel that it is necessary. Also, if you did not show up on the server in like two weeks, this time does not count either.
On the Experience with plugins section, you are expected to quickly outline the things you have experience with. You can list the commands you know, for instance.
For the Experience on other servers, please, do provide valid info. "Friend's server" does not count, it tells us nothing. Also, if you're going to include that you've had past experience on other servers, please include the IP address! Otherwise, this part of the application will be immediately overlooked. HAMACHI SERVERS DO NOT COUNT!
Skype: This is where you will put whether you have skype or not, and if you don't feel confortable posting your skype name here, please private message it to us!

A little about yourself
Here, we are looking for information that isn't really important, and you don't have to fill this out if you don't want to, but here we want information like your hobbies, maybe where you live, what games you like, stuff like that!

And now, you've reached the most important part of the application – the essay. If there are two identical applications, the one with a better essay will be chosen. You are expected to quickly summarize why you think that you should be accepted as a moderator to the server. Write big; make it at least five sentences long. There are no official guidelines, but as a quick tip, try to make it sound interesting to read.

In order for the application to be good, it has to look and be professional. Let me express this. Instead of typing, say, "I waz a admin on my friends server a bit ago", you could freshen it up to make it sound nice and professional like, "I've had past experience running and managing a server while undertaking an Admin position on my friend's server". As you can see, the second example is clearly and thoroughly explaining the player's experiences on other servers while sounding professional and determined. I can assure you that if you take time to revise and edit your application before publishing it, you will have a much greater chance of your application being accepted!

Before you press the "Post" button
Spell check. It's a pain to read an application with grammar and punctuation errors. A sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period. Don't abuse exclamation and question marks, don't use smily faces. Don't use any crazy formatting. Make it official.

After you have applied
After you have applied, you should exercise patience, which is a virtue. It will take some time for one of the server staff to look over your application. Please note that this is not a popularity contest; the amount of posts in your thread will not affect the decision. Arguing about the decision will only affect it in a negative way - you might be banned from posting any new applications.
Also, please respect the decision of the owners. If you are rejected, make sure to adhere to their reasoning and don't apply until you think you are ready. And certainly don't apply sooner then next month.

Good luck,

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