[Declined until more staff is needed] Evan's Op Request

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[Declined until more staff is needed] Evan's Op Request Empty [Declined until more staff is needed] Evan's Op Request

Post  evanator3826 on Fri Jun 01, 2012 7:14 pm

Name:Evan Winters
Experience on the server:I have been on for about 6 months
Experience with plugins:
MCBans:/lookup player-name, /kick player-name, /tempban player-name (time) (d/w/m), /ban player-name and /ban player-name reason are all the command i know.
LogBlock:/lb writelogfile player-name, /lb me, /lb rollback selection, /lb rollback playerarea, /lb rollback area , /lb rollback player, /lb player are the only commands of this plugin i know.
World Edit:I know all the commands for this plugin, if u give me a chance to show you, you would be amazed. I cant list all the commands, becuase I know them all, plus there is allot of commands.
World Guard:/region, /locate, /slay, /heal, /ungod, and /god are the commands I know from this plugin.
Experience on other servers:I have been op on 3 different servers, and earned gamemode on 6, I had my own public server, so I know what attracts people to servers.
A little about yourself:I am a 13 year old boy who in his spare time plays minecraft, and baseball. I am a blast to hang around with, well thats what my friends say. And i am a great builder and designer.


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[Declined until more staff is needed] Evan's Op Request Empty Re: [Declined until more staff is needed] Evan's Op Request

Post  beansNcornflakes on Fri Jun 01, 2012 11:38 pm

Well this is a good application, but we currently do not need staff. When we need more staff, I promise I will come back to this application and accept it, but for now, declined until we need more staff. Also, even if you know all the world edit commands, but don't want to post any, post them anyway, I don't care if your application takes up 5 pages of space, I want any and all info I can get!

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