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Post  beansNcornflakes on Fri Apr 20, 2012 9:48 pm

Here is the general format
Topic Title- Player Report [ReportedPlayer IGN]
Your IGN:
Reported Player IGN:
Evidence (Screenshots):

Your IGN is important for if it goes to a dispute (either here or we can contact you to get the evidence.

Reported Player IGN is important so we know who you are reporting.

Evidence is needed to prove the abuse of power. Please post a screenshot wit a description of what they were doing.


Player Report [EpiczViper]

My IGN: beansNcornflakes
His IGN: EpiczViper

<insert screenshot here>
As you can see, Mr. Viper is advertising his own server.

<insert screenshot here>
Mr. Viper is also cursing out a Moderator.

<insert screenshot here>
Finally, Mr. Viper is Tp'ing to people and killing them.

No Proof, No Ban.

Nigger who has been banned for somehow being a creep -.-

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