How to appeal your ban!

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How to appeal your ban! Empty How to appeal your ban!

Post  beansNcornflakes on Fri Apr 20, 2012 9:33 pm

We know that this post is long, but please, take some time to skim through it. The information provided in here might and will help you win a dispute.

Now, before you do anything, take note that you WILL need an MCBans account to dispute properly. You sign up here, it should not take too long.

General Guidlines

There are several things that we look at in a dispute.

Format. Following the correct format saves a lot of time (and nerves, really) for us, therefore, failure to follow it may and will result in a decline to the dispute, as well as losing your right to dispute. Correct format can be found below.

Professionalism. Be mature. If you know that you have broken the rules, admit it. If you do not know why you have been banned, request the screenshot proof from the moderator who banned you. Please, keep arguing to a minimum. Any dispute that does not show professionalism will be promptly declined.

Grammar. Write completes sentences in your appeal. Refrain from using slang or txt in your dispute (Examples: “Ur” “U” “Y” “Yo” “plz” “thx” “Hey Dawg”). Not only does it show a lack of professionalism, it also makes you look immature. Remember, you ONLY have one shot of being unbanned, make it count. Using grammar incorrectly may play a factor in if you may be unbanned.

Maturity. Acting mature may prove to be a big reason in a ban dispute. Acting mature, with minimal arguing will prove that you will be able to work better with others, and have a higher chance of being unbanned (Examples of NOT being mature “Hey dick face unban me”, “Suck my dick”, “Hey can u unban me plz”, “He was an ass-wipe, what can I say”).

Correctness. Take note that all staff members are keeping track of the bans with made; therefore, the server has evidence of every ban made, either from server logs or screenshots. One of the worst things that you can possibly do in a dispute is lying. Be fair and honest for the best chance of being unbanned. Thing about it: you are already banned, you have nothing to lose. Proving that you are honest may result in a decrease in your penalty.


Each dispute has its own topic. The title of the topic should be

<Username>'s Ban Dispute
Obviously, replace <Username> with, well, your username. The message should follow this format (you can simply copy and paste it, then fill it out):

Ban Reason:
Banned by:
Date Of Ban:
Type Of Ban:
Reason Why You Should Be Unbanned:

Reading the following explanation is mandatory. It provides several important details that you should take note of.

Minecraft Username. One of the most important parts to a dispute. Without your username, it is impossible to find the proof for your ban, if it exists, and to unban you if you win the dispute.

Ban Reason. The reason why you were banned. It can be found either when attempting to enter the server or through

Who Banned You. The moderator or administrator who issued the ban. In most cases, this can only be found through MCBans. To find this information, you must sign in to, and look for the information under the "My Bans" tab.

Date Of Ban. This may also be found through

Type Of Ban There are two types, local or global. Global can disputed either at (you'll obviously need an MCBans account) or here at the forums. Local bans can only be disputed at the forums.
Global bans are those made for Griefing, Hacking, or Spambot. Anything else is local.

Reason Why You Should Be Unbanned. Everybody was banned for a reason. It’s your turn to shine , in this section write a well thought ESSAY, at least 1 paragraph on why you should be unbanned. This is also the section to share any extra details you want to share. You have one chance to file a dispute.

Examples of Disputes

Good Dispute

Username: beansNcornflakes
Ban Reason: Griefing confirmed by Guardian
Banned by: yepwatermelon
Date Of Ban: 2011-11-23 11:11:33
Type Of Ban: Local
Reason Why You Should Be Unbanned:
I am 100% guilty of griefing. I understand now that I was breaking a major rule, and that is griefing. I understand why yepwatermelon banned me, and I have no hatred to him, he was just doing his job. The reason why I griefed was I had a terminable day at work and school. I had a massive head-ache and just felt be relaxing and playing Minecraft. I came onto the server and was bombarded with request to look at builds. It made me quite angry that people wanted me to look at their builds, without saying “please” or “hi” to me. After 12mik, spammed me 4 times with asking to look at his build. I broke loose. I lost my temper and went and griefed his build. I am extremely sorry for griefing his building. I not only ended up making him have a bad day. I created extra work for him, as he had a beautiful house that he took time to make. Not only that, I had to make yepwatermelon juggle helping everybody else, and having to clean up the grief.
I realize what I did was wrong, I should never of done it. Instead of griefing 12mik’s house, I should have just get off the server for a little to cool down. I believe I have potential for this server; they have great staff and plug-ins. It’s one server I could not live without. As for my ban, I will accept any penalty that the admins decide on.

Bad Dispute

Ban Reason:Griefing: Guardian confirmed
Banned by:beansNcornflakes
Date Of Ban:12/1/11
Type Of Ban:local
Reason I Should Be Unbanned:
I didn't break any of ur shit! Unban me rite now or I will write a shitty review of the server on Oh yeah, and Even if I am unbanned I wont join because this server's staff is shit!
~screw you all, yep

Now this is a bad dispute because:

- Insulting server and staff
- Threatening to write a bad review
- Poor Grammar
- Reasoning is too short

Now that you've (hopefully) skimmed/read through this post, you will be ready to appeal in a proffesional matter!

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